R-FGC11134 Experimental Y Tree

Last updated: Mar 10, 2018

GRCh38-based Y DNA Tree


Variant coordinates for tree blocks may be found in the Variant Index. Those named with an HR prefix have not been assigned a name by other sources. They are recommended to be renamed, if submitted to FTDNA or YSEQ for individual testing.

A maximum of 10 testers per branch may be displayed. If the branch is full, additional testing is required to identify a more youthful branch.

Age estimations are a work in progress. Please observe the confidence interval ranges. Only GRCh38 realigned samples are used for this calculation with statistical outliers removed.


VARIANT indicates the mutation occurs in the Poznik callability mask defined in Poznik et al (2013.)

VARIANT indicates the mutation is available for Sanger sequence testing at yseq.net.

VARIANT occurs in DYZ19. This region is comprised of >3,000 repeating 125bp units.

VARIANT occurs in a known Short Tandem Repeat micro-satellite.

VARIANT occurs in a known Palindromic arm.

Kit has not NGS tested.

Kit is placed with vendor variant call report.

Kit is placed with GRCh38 aligned BAM.