Y-DNA BAM Analysis Summary

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Haplogroup Sample ID Surname Origin Callable pRegion Low Coverage Poor Alignment Y-DNA % Vendor Test Type

Definition of column headers

Callable - The total number of sites sequenced with 4 or more reads. Each read has less than 10% likelihood of being misaligned.

pRegion - The callable sites occurring Poznik et al. (2013), Sequencing Y Chromosomes Resolves Discrepancy in Time to Common Ancestor of Males Versus Females. Retrieved Feb 17, 2018 from Science. These regions are a superset of the combBED used by Adamov's group. The sites include areas outside of Big Y's targetted sequencing regions.

Low Coverage - The sites having less than four total reads. These areas cannot be called reliably using automation, but may contain valuable information after manual inspection.

Poor Coverage - The sites having more than four reads, but the aligner indicates a high likelihood the results may not be correct.

Y-DNA % - The percentage of the known GRCh38 human Y chromosome with at least a single read.

Report is currently being redeveloped. For the old cross-reference data see the snapshot.