Haplogroup R and Subclades

DNA Helix

Haplogroup R is defined by rs2032658 also known as M207. The group is believed to have developed about 19,000 to 34,000 years ago in Central Asia. In modern times descendants are common in Europe, South Asia, and Central Asia.


The functionality originally intended to be developed for this site is now a core component of YDNA-Warehouse.org. Instead of focusing on Haplogroup R, the warehouse creates an open sharing hub for all of mankind.

As such this site will be slowly wound down and redirected to the warehouse beginning April 2022. All existing functionality here minus the variant index has been reproduced there. If you contributed a BAM file for analysis, please register a new account at the warehouse. Your data is already there, if you selected the option to share the results.

Thank you for the support over the last 6 years. We hope that you find the new site even better with the additional tools in place.