Haplogroup R and Subclades

DNA Helix

Haplogroup R is defined by rs2032658 also known as M207. The group is believed to have developed about 19,000 to 34,000 years ago in Central Asia. In modern times descendants are common in Europe, South Asia, and Central Asia.

Contribute Y-DNA Data for Analysis

Haplogroup-R.org's emphasis is on collecting the original BAM raw data when possible to construct a phylogentic tree using the GRCh38 human genome reference. To contribute please use the BAM Submission Tool.

Direct to consumer sequencing data in the form of VCF, variantCompare, masterVar, and other formats can also be contributed to the Y-DNA Warehouse. The warehouse is a Private FTP server available to citizen scientists interested in promoting knowledge of the human Y-DNA tree.

YSEQ customers are encouraged to join Group 223: haplogroup-r.org Public Results. This group is the primary location monitored to collect new sequencing results.



The experimental tree has been updated based on the IQ-TREE results of all BAMs in the Y-DNA Warehouse. Several new basal branches near the star clusters have been revealed, but others are missing due to low coverage in the Big Y set. A new partioning scheme is being researched.

The tree renderer is being rewritten to allow live navigation of the branches.


A BETA quality histogram plot of coverage area has been added to the Kits page. See the FAQ for information on what is reprensented in the PNG images.