R-P312 Experimental Y Tree

Last updated: Feb 11, 2017

GRCh38-based Y DNA Tree


The variants beginning with the HR prefix are presented for tree formatting purposes only. The names are being used as a shorthand to the position and mutation, since several markers included have long insertion or deletion events. As these mutations are part of a long block of phylogenetic equivalents there is little chance other resources would name them. It is recommended users of the reporting at this site have a more traditional name assigned at the lab of their choice. These updates will be reflected as ybrowse.org reflects a traditional reference source.

Kits marked with (**) are placed using Sanger sequence evidence. Additional SNP testing could advance the placement to more recent branches. Kits marked with (*) use vendor supplied analysis of Next Generation Sequencing tests mapped to the GRCh38 reference.

TMRCA calculations use the number of private Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in samples with a BAM. The location must have a minimum of four reads and a PHRED-scaled quality score greater than or equal to ten. The count of the qualifying mutations are divided by the product of callable distance and Adamov et al.'s (2015) 8.2e-10 mutation constant.


VARIANT indicates the mutation occurs in the combBED regions defined in Adamov et al.

VARIANT indicates the mutation is available for Sanger sequence testing at yseq.net.

VARIANT occurs in DYZ19. This region is comprised of >3,000 repeating 125bp units.

VARIANT occurs in a known Short Tandem Repeat micro-satellite.

VARIANT occurs in a known Palindromic arm.